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Learning is a learned behaviour. Here's how to get better at it.

From a fairly young age, we labour under the false impression that there are people who are able to retain information: learn, better than others. The clever kids at school for instance. However, research has shown us that this is clearly not so. 


After all, we are the only species on the planet that continuously evolves due to the complex concepts and ideas that we learn. This happens because we are - almost on a daily basis - challenged to learn new things. Especially these days when technology pushes us to understand, explore and utilise new concepts and thought patterns on an hourly basis. 


What is apparent is that some people do however have a different attitude to learning. They learn from their mistakes. That is real learning, because it goes hand in hand with the painful experience of failing and resolving never to have to go through that type of “learning pain” again. As someone once said: “Keep failing, as long as you keep failing forward.” In other words….learn from your failures. 


It really comes down to having a growth mindset. Thomas Edison, the inventor of the incandescent light bulb - and one of the greatest inventors of his time, if not the greatest with more than one thousand patents - reportedly tried more than 100 experiments with the filament of the light bulb before he found the correct, long lasting device that it required. He kept learning from his mistakes. 


On the website, Jonah Lehrer writes: “The physicist Niels Bohr once defined an expert as “a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field.” Bohr's quip summarises one of the essential lessons of learning, which is that people learn how to get it right by getting it wrong again and again. Education isn't magic. Education is the wisdom wrung from failure.

This Speccon course is a must for you if you’ve always thought that you are not the “learning type or material.” We’ll teach you to set reasonable and measurable goals which you’ll be able to reach when you learn how.  Schedules, progress reports, feedback, differing resources, learning models and how to simplify things are all very necessary tools in learning to learn.  

So, in effect, education or learning is the continued growth of your training, in whatever sphere it may be. Be it, personal, work, at play or at rest, which is often where concepts and thoughts crystallise to form a clearer picture. 

This in fact has very little to do with what some people refer to as “mental muscle.” It is certainly a skill, but one that can be learnt. Which in one way is quite ironic, to learn you first have to want to learn, in other words: to be teachable. 

And there-in lies the real crux of the matter: when we at Speccon say we desire to create a learning culture, by promoting it, we have learnt that a learning culture comes about only due to the fact that we want to learn. Every one of the courses that we painstakingly research, develop, write, initiate and espouse to you our esteemed client is another step in our learning too. That’s why we believe that this course is a vital cog in the process. We’ll show you and your team what it is to create this culture and to develop your staff, team and yes, even family, to really learn - to learn. To indeed get better at it. Much better. And more importantly to stay that way!

To fully enjoy knowledge…the engine of education.

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Knowledge Management Article

Knowledge management

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