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Ways to improve the morale of your staff

Morale: the confidence, enthusiasm, and discipline of a person or group at a particular time  "the team's morale was high.”


It’s an elusive , yet wonderful almost mythical quality that good people, teams, organisations, companies and even some countries have. 


That certain something that no matter what, good, bad or indifferent, the team soldiers on with a hearty appetite to take on and do whatever they are supposed to do with a smile and a song. Morale truly encapsulates confidence. What really amounts to the collective soul and character of your company. 


But if it is low, and yes, sometimes it is, how do you get morale functioning in such a way that everyone is swept away in its  the euphoria, effectiveness and the “togetherness” of it?


In our course on how to get morale high - and far more importantly, how to keep it there. Speccon’s tutorial course on “Ways to improve the morale of your staff” we will ensure that you and your team get the best advice on getting morale to a superb level so that all who step onto your premises, deal with you and your staff, who speak to your organisation on the phone or who communicate with your team on e-mail, feel it, see it, hear it and are impressed with it.


That means one thing and one thing alone: bottom line profit.


But what do we teach in this course: We give you instruction on how to ensure that you create an environment where it is not all just work but that your employees have fun too. This gives your squad a chance to relax, get to know each other and to realise that these colleagues of theirs (and you of course) are not just “employee nr 620331555” but an actual person. In fact far more than just another worker.


Incentives are another fine way to ensure that morale (and therefore competition) is promoted and grown. It gives employees, departments, teams, divisions and units a wonderful opportunity to become more: to grow. We’re not talking cruise liner trips here - although they have their place in the pantheon of incentives, but rather personalise these things. Find out what each employee has always wanted to do? A pottery course. Learning to play the piano or a weekly yoga class. Whatever it may be, bring it really close to the persons heart. That is a real incentive. 


There are several other factors that we bring into the equation and quite frankly the list is long. Making clear, decisive and strong decisions that is communicated with everyone so that the thought process is understood. Planning which includes all and is conceptualised, designed, presented and finally bought into by all staff members is another technique that we teach.


The Speccon educational on “Ways to improve the morale of your staff” will in due course create the morale that you desire for yourself, your team and your organisation. 


It’s highly recommended for the whole spectrum of employees, club members, movements, parties, organisations, management, staff, external consultants, free lancers and even individuals who will be involved (at any and all levels) within an organisation.

motivational training

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