What is Sales about?

Sales training can help aspiring salespeople develop and practice the skills they need to succeed and increase their confidence level. Proper selling skills training is important for a number of reasons. This course, “Sales – the Key to Greatness”, explores these reasons as well as assists the learner in developing successful selling skills and reaching targets.

Ngobeni X.P

My biggest win from the eLearning Sales course was understanding how to create a business that is tailored for me and that allows me to work on my genius zone and reach the people who need my help most.

Carmen Schnedd

Today when I look at myself in the mirror, I see a person who can overcome the world in business. Thanks to the eLearning Sales course, my knowledge has helped grow my business beyond imaginable thoughts.

What are the prerequisites?

  • Computer/Laptop
  • Email for notifications and communication
  • Internet connection
  • PDF viewer (e.g ADOBE Acrobat)
  • Microsoft Word for notes
  • A web browser

What other related courses are offered?

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The eLearning Sales course gave me step-by-step guidance on how to grow my business and make more money out of it. It was a good experience that makes me feel like I can run the biggest company in the whole universe.

Course Content

Job Market Prospects

This course is a beneficial for most companies. 

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How long does it take to complete?

How much does it cost?

Unit 1 -  Introduction to sales: Part 1

Unit 2 - Introduction to sales: Part 2

Unit 3 -  Questioning your Q’s

Unit 4 -  Quality

Unit 5 -  Quantify

Unit 6 -  Before, during and after

Unit 7 -  Listening skills

Unit 8 -  Relationship building

Unit 9 -  Role of attitude

Unit 10 -  5 Step sales cycle

Unit 11  -  5 Step sales cycle: Connect

Unit 12 -  5 Step sales cycle:  Needs

Unit 13 -  5 Step sales cycle:  Assist

Unit 14 -  5 Step sales cycle:  Close

Unit 15 -  5 Step sales cycle:  Follow-up

It takes between 4 days and 2 weeks, depending on your speed.

only $ 1 + 36c

(the 36c is the administration fee)


Customer Satisfaction


Time Management

Stress Management

Communication Skills

Personal Development

Roshana Pillay