Why is doing a Gap Analysis important?

A gap analysis is a means of understanding why a person or company isn’t performing at maximum potential. It answers questions such as, "what are the reasons for low performance"? and "how can performance be improved"? 

Once the gaps have been identified, an implementation plan for closing them can be developed.

Benefits of doing a Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis
  • It provides a comprehensive overview of your current and future level 
  • It creates the opportunity to assess whether performance is as efficient as possible
  • It allows for problems to be diagnosed timeously and to be resolved successfully
  • It indicates the most efficient use of company resources
  • It highlights reality versus opinions
  • It identifies strengths and weaknesses
  • It creates a path for improved performance

A personal gap analysis is aimed at achieving objectives and improving an individual's performance. Doing a personal gap analysis helps identify whether one is making progress, as well as exploring which qualities may be lacking in an individual. 

A company gap analysis is the procedure which compares actual performance or results to expected or desired outcomes. In other words, a gap is a deficiency existing between where a business is, and where the business would like to be. 

Personal Gap Analysis

Company Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis