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A team effort is better than the one person's effort

Collaboration. Team work. The whole is always stronger than the individual. 

It’s true: the success of any project depends largely and in some cases solely on the individual contributions of every single member of the team to achieve a corporate goal. Some teams just naturally work better together than others. 




When members of a team have a sense of ownership, and believe that their contributions are valued, they feel motivated to contribute their optimum effort. 


It is imperative to understand the role, duties and responsibilities of each team member before starting a project. In this course, we explore these important points, how to give feedback to team members and how to deal with team members effectively amongst others.


The world's increasing globalisation requires and demands more interaction among people from diverse cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds than ever before. This very feature makes it ever more difficult to forge teams who are effective as a unit. We help you to make this a reality in your outfit. 


Author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry probably said it best: “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.” 

For us at Speccon that team philosophy holds - pardon the pun - so much water. We teach this in this intuitive course. 

Team work is not about assigning jobs, or trying to mould individuals into a squad, or teaching people how to fit in. We believe a team effort trumps individual effort every single time by virtue of the fact that really effective, successful teams have a collective dream which they are prepared to sacrifice for. To singularly strive for, live, eat, sleep and dream for and offer up for to achieve. A greater purpose as a collective rather than as little pockets of one. A mission.

Team work is probably best defined by sports squads who all have very different bodies, skills, minds, job descriptions, personalities, expectations and goals to mention just a few factors which mitigates in the way of team pursuits.

However, a great coach (business owner, CEO, MD) will see how these individuals will all fit together as a unit. What needs to be done to hone their sense of the ultimate goal. How their talents, good and weak points amalgamate to form a collective that eventually develops and finally has no weak points. 

This course may be one of the most valuable you can invest in. As a leader, or an aspiring leader, this curriculum is highly recommended if you are set on meshing employees into a team.  Up the leadership ladder even further to therefore play an impactful role. 

This course is suitable for anyone who is responsible for divisions, units, departments and teams reporting to you in an organisation on any scale, small, medium or large. It is an absolute must for particularly managers and supervisors who will find it highly beneficial and stimulating as moulding individuals into an amalgamation stretches you as a person to re-define your and their boundaries.

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