Unit 10 - Reporting formula

10.1 Pivot table

10.2  Count using pivot tables and drilling down into detail

10.3  Updating a pivot table with new data and adding multiple values

10.4  Using calculated fields in pivot tables

10.5  Removing or hiding subtotals, grand totals and filling blanks

What is Intermediate Microsoft Excel about?

The Intermediate Microsoft Excel course is for delegates who understand the basics of Excel, and are familiar with the Excel screen, formatting and basic formulas. For this course, the standard Excel screen should be a familiar one, one which no longer scares the learner. It involves basic Vlookups and PivotTables, to ensure that the learner understands the more advanced formulas and functions of Ms Excel.

Davisha Chetty

 The Intermediate Excel course broadened my knowledge regarding calculation. I now know that I must use advanced formulas to calculate data.

Kumaren Pillay

I have now completed both the basic and intermediate Excel courses. Both were really helpful.

What are the prerequisites?

  • Computer/Laptop
  • Email for notifications and communication
  • Internet connection
  • PDF viewer (e.g ADOBE Acrobat)
  • Microsoft Excel
  • A web browser

What other related courses are offered?

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This course helped me to understand features such as enhancing, checking on cells and table data sorting which is essential to create a spreadsheet that  is presentable.

Course Content

Job Market Prospects

Introduction to Computers is a prerequisite for most companies. 

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How long does it take to complete?

How much does it cost?

Unit 1 - Calculating data with advanced formulas

1.1 Applying cell and range names

1.2 Naming ranges automatically

1.3 Using specialised functions

1.4 Fixed referencing

Unit 2 - Organising worksheet and table data

2.1  Sort and filter data

2.2  Create and modify tables

Unit 3 - Presenting data using charts

3.1 Creating a chart

3.2 Modifying charts

3.3  Adding data to charts

Unit 5 - Inserting graphic objects

5.1  Insert graphic objects

5.2  Draw and modify shapes

5.3  Illustrate workflow using SmartArt graphics

5.4 Add a background

Unit 6 - Custom formatting

6.1  Custom format numbers, dates etc.

Unit 4 - Simplistic formulas

4.1  MIN, MAX and Average


4.3  Rounding

It takes between 4 days and 2 weeks, depending on your speed.

only $1 + 36c 

(the 36c is the administration fee)


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David Ngobeni

Unit 7 - Other functions

7.1 Watch window option

7.2 Text to columns

7.3 Subtotal function

7.4 Protection

7.5 Set up calculations

7.6 Types of errors

7.7  Breaking links

7.8 Data validation

7.9 Hyperlinks

Unit 8- Dates

8.1 Working with dates and time

8.2 Dynamic dates and the TODAY and NOW functions

Unit 11 - Google sheets

11.1  Google sheets

Unit 9 - Formatting functions

9.1 Conditional formatting

9.2 Format painter

9.3 Paste special

Intermediate Microsoft Excel 

intermediate microsoft excel

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