What is online Basic Microsoft Excel Course about?

The Online Basic Ms Excel course is designed for delegates who are unfamiliar with basic formulas and formatting. Basic formulas refer to, for example, the ‘plus and minus’ functions. This course also helps if the Excel screen is still a scary environment for the learner who doesn’t understand all, or indeed any of the functions he sees.

Jenette Thys

I found basic Excel a bit challenging in the beginning, the problems I faced was that of doing the formulas and the functions, but I got it right and got a certificate.

Reabetswe Molefe

I learned a lot in this course, like how to add and remove rows and columns including applying special formatting to numbers and currencies in cells.

What are the prerequisites?

  • Computer/Laptop
  • Microsoft Excel (for practicals)
  • Email for notifications and communications
  • Internet connection
  • PDF viewer (e.g ADOBE Acrobat)
  • A web browser

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While doing Excel, I had several challenges and had to remember a lot. I learned how to use functions and interfaces. I now know about spreadsheets, adding and editing graphs.

Course Content

Job Market Prospects

Excel is in great demand at many companies. 

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How long does it take to complete?

How much does it cost?

Unit 1 - Getting started

1.1-2 Identifying the elements of the Excel interface

1.3 Customise the Excel interface

1.4 Create a basic worksheet

1.5 Opening and saving

Unit 2 - Performing Calculations In An Excel Worksheet

2.1 Creating formulas in a worksheet

2.2 Insert functions in a worksheet

2.3 Copying and pasting formulas

2.4  Calculate formulas over multiple sheets

Unit 3 - Modifying an Excel Worksheet

3.1 Edit worksheet data

3.2 Find and replace data

3.3 Copy, cut, paste & BODMAS

3.4 Automatic fill

Unit 5 - Managing An Excel Workbook

5.1 Managing worksheets

5.2 View worksheets and workbooks

Unit 7 - Other Functions

7.1 Using comments

7.2 Spelling

7.3 Automatic word corrections

Unit 4 - Modifying the appearance of a Worksheet

4.1 Apply font properties

4.2 Add borders and colours to cells

4.3 Align content in a cell

4.4 Apply number formatting

4.5 Apply cell styles

4.6 Adjust the row height and column width

4.7 Insert and delete rows and columns

It takes between 4 days and 2 weeks, depending on your speed.

only $1 + 36c 

(The 36c is the administration fee)


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Mpho Mafhedu

Unit 6 - Printing Excel Workbooks

6.1 Define the page layout

6.2 Print a workbook

6.3 Printing the same row on each page

6.4 Printing area

Unit 8- Google sheets

8.1  Google sheets

Basic Microsoft Excel

basic microsoft excel

What will my certificate look like?