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Work smart, not hard. What is the best benefit?

In most businesses and in most peoples minds the common accepted adage is: “Work hard and it will happen for you.” 


However, the accepted thought process should rather be: “Work Smarter, not harder.” 


Why? Well our Speccon course will illuminate this in so many ways to you. 


For instance, working hard is energy sapping as well as mentally and physically taxing. The accompanying exhaustion is draining and leaves very little for the rest of your life, there goes work/life balance!


Working smarter certainly gives you a new perspective on managing your time effectively and ups productivity. The costs and labor that is saved streamlines processes and saves energy so that you can more broadly apply it to other areas, speaking only work wise.


Working hard steals your motivation over a short period of time and can over a longer time lead to feeling as if you’re not getting to everything, leaving you doubtful of your own abilities and inadequate. 


Working smart also opens the door to your using all your faculties. Sometimes we get so stuck in a rut and wanting to work hard  that you do not employ all your God given talents and faculties. This will make you flourish and bloom. 


With working smarter there is a certain, definite and guaranteed by product: you will become more valuable to your team, your superior, company and stake holders. 



If you apply yourself and at every turn ask: “Am I working smarter rather than harder? You will truly feel as if you’ve accomplished something and with more mental application than just the normal old “I worked it to death” approach. 


If you work smartly research has shown that your out-of-the-box thinking, your very creativity is activated and released. You could get to the same en target, but doing it in more creative ways will be innovative and will give you an opportunity to stand out. This in turn makes your chances of promotion or caching the leaders eye a much bigger possibility. 


One of the biggest factors of creativity and the resultant innovation it leads to is that your self esteem is elevated and again, research has shown that those with good to great self-esteem are prone to be happier people. And that’s at work as well as at home. That in turn leaves the company, its share holders and the people that it serves with the benefits of a person who is a pleasure to deal with and someone who is in and of him/herself a very happy, inspired, productive individual. 


So, have we persuaded you to work smarter, not harder? Good. Our Speccon course will show you just how to do it. Step by step with certificate qualifications and an opportunity to change your work ethic to become more successful by working smarter.

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