What is Talent Management about?

Organisations are made up of people: people creating value through proven business processes, innovation, customer service, sales, and many other important activities. As an organisation strives to meet its business goals, it must make sure that it has a continuous and integrated process for recruiting, training, managing, supporting, and compensating these people.  

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I learned how to do a skills gap analyis. I can't wait to show off my new skills to my colleagues. This course was very helpful.

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This course taught me how to do a people development plan. It was so interesting, I loved the videos.

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Unit 1- Conducting a training needs analysis

1. (incl. 1.1) Conducting a training needs analysis

1.2 Concept of talent management

1.3 (incl. 1.4) Talent management strategy

1.5 (incl. 1.5.1) Determining the skills gap and training needs

1.5.2 (incl. 1.6) Conducting a skills audit

1.7 (incl. 1.8) Skills audits may be conducted in a number of ways

1.9 Integrating results of performance appraisal in a training needs analysis

1.10 Stakeholder input in the interpretation of training needs analysis results

Unit 2- Recording results of training needs analysis

2. (incl. 2.1) Recording results of training needs analysis

2.2 Training needs analysis report.

2.3 Relating developmental needs to career development paths and talent management strategy

Unit 3 - Compiling a personal people development plan

3. (incl. 3.1) Compiling a personal people development plan

3.2 Learning programs to address learning needs

3.2 (cont'd) Job shadowing

3.3 Setting objectives and desired outcomes of a learning program

3.4 (incl. 3.4.1) Implementation of the learning intervention

3.4.2 Program administration – coordination

3.4.3 Training program design and development

3.4.3 (cont'd) Training design and development

3.4.4 Facilitation

3.4.5 Assessment

3.4.6 Recording and reporting learner interventions

3.5 Role of unit manager in talent management and people development

3.6 (incl. 3.6.1) Aligning the training development plan to legal requirements

3.6.2 National qualifications framework (NQF)

3.6.3 Recognition of prior learning (RPL)

3.7 Promotion of lifelong learning 

It takes between 4 days and 2 weeks, depending on your speed.

only $1 + 36c 

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Negotiation Skills

Decision Making

Personal Development

Leadership Theories

Recruitment Process


Natasha Reddy

Unit 4- Implementation of the people development plan

4.1  (incl. 4.2) Implementation of the people development plan.

4.3 Writing final evaluation reports from stakeholder evaluations. 

4.4 Trainer self-assessment questionnaire for use after the session 

Talent Management

Talent Management