What is Promoting a Learning Culture about?

In this course, promoting a learning culture, we will discover how to start evaluating the learning culture of an organisation.  Doing this will help you pinpoint what kind of learning culture you currently have, identify the gaps, and ascertain your organisation’s readiness for change. 

The Learning Cycle is a continuous process which consists of many elements such as identification, design, delivery and evaluation. This course looks at the promoting of learning and development opportunities, the benefits of learning and development, as well as meeting learning and development needs. It ends of with the different levels of evaluation of the impact the promotional strategies had on the workplace. 

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I learned so much about organisational learning strategies in this course. This will open doors for me.

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This course increased my potential in the workplace. I  thoroughly enjoyed it.

What are the prerequisites?

  • Computer/Laptop
  • Email for notifications and communication
  • Internet connection
  • PDF viewer (e.g ADOBE Acrobat)
  • Microsoft Word for notes
  • A web browser

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Unit 1 - The status of learning culture within an organisation

1.  (incl. 1.1 & 1.2) The status of the learning culture within an organisation

1.2.1 Elements of a learning culture

1.3 Gathering information

*Other types of observational research


1.4 Analysis of information

1.4.1 Quantitative and qualitative indicators

1.4.2 Possible explanations for current status

1.4.3 Potential contribution of learning and development to the attainment of organisational and individual goals

Unit 2 - Strategies for the promotion of a learning culture

2. (incl. 2.1 & 2.2) Strategies for the promotion of a learning culture

2.3 (incl. 2.3.1) Strategies for the promotion of a learning culture

*Special projects and assignments

*Manager as educator

2.3.2 Organisational learning strategies

2.4 Relevance of strategies

2.5 Costs associated with promotion activities

*Training and development evaluation cost benefit analysis

2.6 Stakeholder involvement

Unit 3 - Strategies to promote a learning culture

3. (incl. 3.1 & 3.2) Strategies to promote a learning culture

3.3 (incl. 3.4) Benefits of learning and development

3.5 Aligning promotion of learning with current skills profiles

3.6 Sustaining promotion activities

3.7 Evaluating the impact of promotional strategies

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Promoting a Learning Culture

promoting a learning culture